A Spiral Staircase For a Tree!!

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WOW! No more climbing trees the regular way! With CanopyStair, a modular system that allows you to attach a spiral staircase around the trunk of a tall tree, you can just WALK up the STAIRS to get up a tree!!

Don’t worry! It’s designed to not hurt or damage the tree!!

Tree Project

The CanopyStair was created by Thor ter Kulve and Robert McIntyre after a trip to the Azores.

Here’s their story:

Though the house where they were staying was near the seashore, a tall stone wall that surrounded the house cut off any view of it. Only by climbing a tree in the garden could they watch the sun setting across the ocean, and so they began to discuss ways of transforming a garden tree into a staircase, thus allowing them to walk and up and down easily and enjoy the view.

canopy-stair-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-5.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smart canopy-stair-thor-ter-kulve-robert-mcintyre-7.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smart Tree Project canopystair-5 canopystair-6

Isn’t it neat?!

via Treehugger