LEGO-proof Slippers Exist!

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With these special extra-super-padded LEGO-branded slippers, parents (and other grownups) can walk around the house and not worry about injuring their feet on LEGO bricks!!


That’s the good news! The bad news is that LEGO, along with the agency Brand Station, only had 1500 of these slippers made!! They are part of a holiday promotion for LEGO France. You can’t buy them, you can only try to win them at their site. 

Because your kids love the ‪#‎LEGO‬… But that they love above all share their passion in the entire house… This year, we have imagined for you parents the ultimate gift for ‪#‎Christmas‬: slippers lego to the sole padded which will enable you to walk you in the middle of the night in the house… Without any worries! wink emoticon ‪#‎noellego2015‬


via Neatorama, CNET, images via Piwee (Sounds like Pee-wee, I know!)

Do you think they’d protect you from the LEGO firewalk???

LEGO firewalk