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  1. Helen Gircko


  2. claire urban

    As always, the most uber-cool of the coolest stuff and ideas. Thank you, Pee-wee, for keeping us up to speed. Let me share a fun idea: in this cold weather, hot chocolate is always welcome. I had some Snowman Peeps left from Christmas. Quite tasty and fun to drop one of those little guys into a steaming mug. And the Valentine’s Peeps are coming soon. Vanilla and Strawberry – they are the best! Ooh, try one of those in your hot cocoa. Or coffee? Or chicken soup! Just kidding – only put those in tomato soup. Stay warm, everyone.

  3. laura valentina

    Rusty is a great inspiration! Thank you for sharing Pee-wee

  4. KimberlyCross

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just subscribed! Thanks for sharing it!!!!!!!!!

  5. rightoway

    Pee Wee and Rusty – it’s just right and rhymes too! I’m a follower and admirer of both; great to hear you’re together

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