• Helen Gircko

    In his 238 birthday of Mr. Washington got a bag of cherries. And a new hatchet. Happy Holidays!

  • laura valentina

    A wonderful tribute blog for our first forefather president! Awesome

  • Kari Keillor

    And Happiest of all presidential things to you as well! And so, contrary to public opinion, ol’ George’s choppers were not wooden! Check it:

    “Contrary to popular mythology, George Washington’s dentures were not made of wood

    It’s quite possible that some of his dentures, particularly after they had been stained, took on a wooden complexion, but wood was never used in the construction of any of his
    dental fittings.

    Throughout his life Washington employed numerous full and partial
    dentures that were constructed of materials including bone, hippopotamus
    ivory, human teeth, brass screws, lead, and gold metal wire.”

    In my mind, somewhere along the way when I was younger (at the risk of sounding completely daft) I pictured young George chomping down a cherry tree with his teeth! (Perhaps it was cause they were rumored to be wooden.. who knows how I come up with these things! LOL!) ;-{D

  • laura valentina

    dear Pee-wee I am very happy as I just got my new guide dog he is a yellow Labordor.