Photorealistic Shirts for St. Patrick’s Day!!

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You might remember how much I love ‘Faux Real’, the company that makes the amazing, photorealistic apparel. In December, I showed you their awesome holiday line and now… ST. PATRICK’S DAY SHIRTS!

Here’s their “Lucky Leprechaun” shirt which looks like something a leprechaun would wear. It’s a short-sleeve shirt that looks like a green tailcoat, shamrock vest, bowtie, gold shamrock pin and chain.


Feeling Lucky!!!


The long-sleeve “Shamrock Suit” shirt:

shamrock suit front

It has an all-over shamrock pattern, green ruffles and a glimmering gold bow tie and pocket square!!!

Shamrock suit Shamrock shirt

There’s this one, made for women, called the “Ladies Lucky Shirt”:

Lucky ladies shirt Irish princess Lucky ladies shirt Irish princess Lucky ladies shirt Irish princess

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, be sure to order them now!!

“Lucky Leprechaun” short-sleeve shirt:
“Shamrock Suit” long-sleeve shirt:
“Ladies Lucky Shirt” short-sleeve shirt:

Also, take a look at MY GIFT-GIVING GUIDE for more ST. PATRICK’S DAY GIFT IDEAS:

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Irish who?
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Luck o’ the Irish to ya!!!

via Faux Real


  • Helen Gircko

    Glory ‘Faux Real’! Even in the eyes of all was green (emerald, if accurate).Pee-wee, and you have a four-leaf clover?

  • daisyvisionxxx

    The two men’s shirts are cute, clever and funny! Now, WHY must the only shirt shown for women riff on all the WORST, slutty, drunken-bimbo Irish jokes? The first two shirts shown are awesome, hands down. The “ladies” t-shirt is an annoying, sexist, mildly racist, FAIL that should never have been brought to production. We already have plenty of drunken, 20-something idiots wearing what’s on that shirt in true 3D out in the world. I don’t blame you though, Pee-Wee!!!

  • laura valentina

    Very beautiful! In celebration of a very green holiday St Patrick’s Day.