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MILK that tastes like marshmallow PEEPS! Just in time for spring!!*

In fact, there are THREE different flavors!!! Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, Marshmallow Milk, and Easter Egg Nog.* (I KNOW! Egg nog for EASTER!)

Prairie Farms Dairy partnered up with Just Born, the company that makes the colorful marshmallow springtime PEEPS, to create these awesome flavored milks.*


Prairie Farms Dairy - PEEPS

Wouldn’t it be great to pour yourself a tall, cool, sugary glass of PEEPS-flavored milk?! Or, have someone do it for you!!


BTW, you don’t have to just DRINK the PEEPS-flavored milk… you can also use it in RECIPES!

The recipe for the “Easter Egg Nog Shake” calls for Yellow Peeps brand Marshmallow Chicks and Easter Egg Nog milk:


You’ll need PEEPS Chocolate Mousse Marshmallow Bunnies to make these cupcakes:


My collection of Peeps photos:


The only bad news is that it’s only available on store shelves for a limited time in the Midwest.

If you don’t live there, order some of these to get you through springtime:


*Peeps-flavored milk is available on store shelves for a limited time, only in the Midwest.


  • Helen Gircko

    Ouch! Again the food bearing the mark of genius.

  • Joan D.

    Oh no. This is too much. Just give me the pure, classic yellow chick Peeps. Forget all the rest of the ballyhoo! No green, no blue, no purple; no pumpkins or hearts or christmas trees; No hot chocolate, cinnamon or gingerbread! Let’s get back to our roots! WHO’S WITH ME?!?

  • laura valentina

    Very spring blog! Out of all the flavors chocolate is my favorite! Love it!

  • Joe Demko

    Well it would be nice if it was available in Pittsburgh, PA!!! We like PEEPS also!!!

  • Laura Bixel

    Excess sugar lurks in kids’ meals at restaurant chains, U of T researchers say

  • Heather Hill

    ballyhoo?! no way im all for trying new things!