Paul Reubens appears on ‘Portlandia’ TONIGHT!! ‘Being WEIRD is not a crime!’

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TONIGHT, Thursday, March 12th: Paul Reubens appears on Portlandia!

The episode is called “Dead Pets” and it’s the show’s season finale. It premieres at 10 PM on IFC. Don’t miss it!

Portlandia Season 5, Taxidermy Terror


When you’re a weirdo and you’re in trouble, who you gonna call? Pee-wee Herman, of course!

On this week’s season finale of Portlandia, after a taxidermy store is burglarized the police are profiling weirdos for the crime. When two of them are put on trial for the theft, they bring in the big time lawyer played by Paul Reubens. He is determined to mount an effective defense will keep his weirdo clients free from the shackles of normalcy.

Portlandia Portlandia Season 5, Taxidermy Terror Portlandia-Paul-Reubens Portlandia-group-shot Portlandia_goth

WATCH Portlandia TONIGHT!!

5,028 Responses to “Paul Reubens appears on ‘Portlandia’ TONIGHT!! ‘Being WEIRD is not a crime!’”

  1. Helen Gircko

    The best lawyer in the world for most of the defendants strange! Great!

  2. laura valentina

    Pee-wee you’ve made my day happy! it’ll be recorded on my DVR

  3. hildajov

    Wait wait wait….. pee herman, why do you look yummy….. new topic for my therapist! Oh no!

  4. Brooke Elizabeth Hundley

    I got a new tv a while back and had never got around to hooking up my satellite box since I don’t want much tv anyways. But I FINALLY hooked it up tonight just so I could watch this! You should feel special! YOU’RE WELCOME! 😉

  5. Carlene

    Hey Paul – watching it now. Thank you for putting on FB. Lucy & Cynthia & Uba would love this. Met you at Lucy’s Memorial in Sarasota. Still miss my Lucy Mom. This is fun to watch. I am a National Cert. Master Groomer for Pets. LOL. These wierdo’s are a hoot. Love your hair! Carlene H

  6. Corinne Escobar

    It’s no wonder you’ve remained my biggest inspiration for 30 years! 🙂

  7. Ems

    Sad I missed seeing you in person, Peewee. I live in Bridge City and it’s a pretty great, weird place to live! You have my heart, always…. <3

  8. Wendy Nichols

    Grrr bark ~ L O L ‘d ~ Love you SO much Paul (Pee-wee Herman) ~ Really, really miss Pee-wee’s Playhouse

  9. Leah York

    This is exciting I don’t usually watch tv but I will watch this

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