FOR SALE: Vintage Elsie the Borden’s Cow Animatronic Store Display!!!

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Check THIS thing out!! Someone on Ebay is selling a VINTAGE ELSIE THE COW ANIMATRONIC store display!!


The seller says it was used in “grocery stores to advertise their products” and that it was made by a company that makes “large haunted houses & specialty rides.”


It stands 8 feet tall and is nearly 4 feet wide!! Perfect for your kitchen!!


It comes with pre-recorded cassette tapes or has a microphone you can talk into. As is is set up now when the tape plays the mouth moves. The operator inside the barn controls other movements such as blinking, ear movement, arm lift & turn, body turn, head up, down, turn. Very fast & easy setup with multi-pin cables. It seemed a little sluggish at first, better the more we played with it.

LOOKS a little DUSTY!!


Is there a video of it working? YES, THERE IS A VIDEO OF IT WORKING!!

It’s local pick-up only. So…if you buy it, you’ll have to get it from Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania!! It looks worth it though!

  • laura valentina

    This is a great display for the house or window and for lovers of the beloved cow! Wonderful blog Pee-wee!

  • WOW, what a flashback!!

  • fo0hzy

    I was hoping for more creepy. Unless you imagine Elsie’s hind quarters being gnawed away by rats as she sweetly pushes dairy products… then it gets pretty creepy!

  • Helen Gircko

    So hard NOT BUY !!

  • I like it, all she needs is a nice cleaning.

  • Claire Marziotti

    Obviously the voice would have to be re-recorded by Harvey Fierstein.

  • Cherie

    It was cute!!

  • Ginny

    Animatronics are usually sort of creepy, but Elsie seems sweet.

  • Allison Virlee Reed

    That… creepy….lol

  • Keith Freeland

    She’s not a Zombie yet?

  • Atley Glen Maurek

    I worked for the Sally Corp. and have worked on Elsie… contact me if you buy her and would like her to operate optimally… (she’s not running very well) We can reprogram her to say and move as you choose…!!!