Wow! A Tiny 3D Printed Drill That Runs on a Hearing Aid Battery!!

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Lance Abernethy, a maintenance engineer living in New Zealand, has 3D printed a miniature FUNCTIONING cordless drill!! It’s just .67 inches tall and .27 inches wide!!


It’s powered by a HEARING AID BATTERY!!!

Tiny Drill

LOOK at how LITTLE it is in comparison to an ordinary cordless drill!!! 

Abernethy spoke to about why he made it to begin with, stating,  “I have always liked small things and have created small items since I was a little kid. I was with my work colleagues and was talking about mythical stories about one country making a twist drill and sending it to another. The other country returned it with a hole through the middle. Things like this easily challenge me and my idea was born.”


Get this, he wants to make an even SMALLER version!!

Watch the video to see it in action!!

This mini drill isn’t for sale but you can buy mini drill sets online (though they aren’t as small or cute as this custom one!!). 

via Sploid