Today is Pillow Fight Day!!!

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Better get yourself some PILLOWS because today is PILLOW FIGHT DAY!!!!!


This pillow fight was filmed in 1897 by Thomas A. Edison!! YES, 1897!!! It’s called “Seminary Girls.”

Look at the Beatles having a pillow fight in Paris in 1964!!

BEATLES BEATLES pillow fight


photos by Harry Benson 

In 2009, Amanda Palmer called for an impromptu Pillow Fight Flash Mob at SXSW!!

The World’s Largest Pillow Fight happened in 2014. 4,201 people participated!!

Super 8 pillow fight giphy


You could use this HAMBURGER PILLOW to start a PILLOW-Y FOOD FIGHT!!!

Food Fight


OR this BAG of CHIPS PIllOW!!



P.S. There MIGHT be a PILLOW FIGHT in my new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!!