Chicken Ramen ICE CREAM!!!

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At Chikira-House –a small souvenir shop by Chikin Ramen brand instant ramen by Nissin– in Osaka, Japan, they serve chicken ramen-flavored ICE CREAM!!!

Chikin Ramen ice cream

According to Rocketnews24, it’s a cup of soft-serve ice cream that has the “great taste of chicken.” Instead of colored sprinkles, this savory-sweet iced treat has small bits of instant ramen noodles poured on top!!

“As you might expect there was a hint of saltiness behind the normally sweet taste of ice cream. It wasn’t far off a peanut butter taste, but instead of peanuts there was a distinctly meaty flavor.”

Chikin Ramen

Not in Japan??!! Get some Chikin Ramen, break it up, and sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream instead (?!)

via Rocketnews24