HEY! It’s International BEAVER DAY!!!

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Get out your best beaver costume and spend today celebrating the semiaquatic broad-tailed rodent known as the BEAVER!!

Beaver Costume

Like this guy, the AMERICAN BEAVER!!


Did you know?? The world’s largest beaver dam is SO BIG that it can be seen from SPACE! 

It’s true! The remotely-located beaver dam in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada is TWICE the size of the man-made Hoover Dam!

From Space

LOOK: Here’s their habitat!

Beavers habitat

Sir David Attenborough explains how beavers build their lodge: https://youtu.be/VuMRDZbrdXc

Check out the movie, Beavers. It was originally made for IMAX theatres and it’s really great!

Beavers IMAX

“The Biggest Dam Movie You Ever Saw.”

SOOOOO….How DOES a beaver get online?

HE LOGS ON, of course!!

Honk if you love beavers!!
  • laura valentina

    Very beav-ee blog Pee-wee. I

  • Allen Moir

    I live by wood buffalo national park but I can’t see it from here ………

  • Kathryn Smith

    That was great 🙂

  • Brooke Elizabeth Hundley

    Nobody gives a dam! Hahaha. Just kidding! Love ya Pee-wee! 🙂

  • Jim McNally

    I’m going to get a Canadian nickel and play with Her Majesty’s beaver!

  • Candy T

    The busy bold beaver bit bitter brown bark

  • Dave Almeida

    He does LOG on… the DAM internet!

  • Helen Gircko

    Happiness, health and prosperity to all beavers ! And more , more, more dams !!!!

  • Sherry Bolinger

    I enjoyed the video, Pee-Wee! I’ll “log off” now!

  • Nemo Wattz

    I would have thought it was with a modam.