The Secret Is Out! Joe Manganiello Joins Me On My Big Holiday!!!!!!

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Finally! I can announce the secret I’ve been carrying around with me for weeks: the coolest actor on the planet, my friend Joe Manganiello, is joining the cast of my new movie, “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.” Who does he play? I didn’t say…

Joe’s already my friend in real life– and he’s tremendously talented and a terrific person! I am so glad we are FINALLY going to get to work together! This totally makes up for being cut out of ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Magic Mike 2’!”

Manganiello remarked, “Paul Reubens is one of the great comic geniuses of our time. Growing up, my Saturday mornings were all about Pee-wee Herman. I saw everything he did. I can’t believe that I’m going to get to share scenes with one of the iconic figures of my childhood.”

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Director John Lee instructs on the set!

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Joe Manganiello Joins The Cast Of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Beverly Hills, CA, April 9, 2015 – Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike XXL, True Blood) has joined the cast of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday.

Starring Paul Reubens as the beloved fun-loving hero of TV, stage and film Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday will premiere exclusively in all Netflix territories.  A fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first ever holiday and the journey of a lifetime in this epic story of friendship and destiny.

Judd Apatow (Anchorman, Bridesmaids) and Reubens, who worked together to bring the project to fruition, will produce the film. Reubens and Paul Rust (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Arrested Development) wrote the film. John Lee (Wonder Showzen, The Heart, She Holler) makes his feature film directorial debut with production now underway.

  • michaelbuzz

    That’s a real bromance!

  • Candy T

    Yay! ♡ I can’t wait for this film ☺ I am so excited you guys get to work together! !!

  • Kathryn Guillaum

    Like them both!!

  • Cats Dogo

    AWESOME!!!!!! Two if my favorite men! 🙂

  • Cats Dogo

    Is he going to join you in the Tequila Dance in this movie? LOL I can’t wait!!!!

  • ChazSmith

    I love that story.

  • ChazSmith

    BTW…PW, need any cameos of non-famous people?

  • Megan

    Please please please do the tequila dance!!!!

  • laura valentina

    Wonderful news Pee-wee! Looking forward to seeing this film Gem.

  • Dawson Clawson

    Hurry up, already

  • Sherry Bolinger

    You’re looking REALLY GOOD, Pee-Wee!

  • Priscilla Soares

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to see the movie 😀

  • Cassie Peake

    I need to see this movie. NOW PLZ.

  • Cassie Peake

    I can’t even say how much joy it gives me to see Pee-Wee filming again. I love you, Pee-Wee. <3

  • D. Anderson

    This is great news Love Pee – wee & Joe M.too
    Will be A Fun Adventure ♡♡DA

  • Ameen Makanvand

    So Pee Wee your a Paul Ruebens fan too????????? So am I who’d ever known we have so much in common!!!! Say you being such a hip snazzy movie star meeting all these big powerful hollywood people-have you by chance met Paul Reubens????? I myself have not

  • Corinne Escobar

    Secretly hoping your adorable scotch tape face will make an appearance in this movie, Pee-wee! 🙂

  • A Smith

    Moto Guzzi! Awesome.

  • Cant Wait. “I love that story”

  • Kathy Medich Austin

    Fun fact: The tequila song was #1 on the day I was born.

  • Sninja13

    Really wish I could watch or assist in filming, visiting the LA area right now and am a huge fan with a background in film.

  • Helen Gircko

    It’s cool…

  • deeg

    A Guzzi? SWEET!!!

  • Clip Nuesome

    Maybe he can beat up Francis

  • Candy T

    Do you have the release date??

  • Margaret Glatz

    can’t wait!

  • richardjf

    Was that your wedding song also?
    Fun fact: I was born on Friday 13th of that year. Go figure.

  • richardjf

    Maybe it will be at your local theater around Christmas time to add to the excitement also.
    All we can do is hope.

  • It’s great that you have this blog because everything else on the web isn’t as up to date on the things you are doing! It’s great to see the movie is coming together. You, and your movies came up in conversation between a friend and I over some nostalgic reminiscing. We are so glad to see you back!

  • Yariel Calloway

    Can’t wait

  • Lex

    Looking forward to the love scene.

  • Kat

    can’t wait to see it

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    Can;t wait to see this Movie will it be at the movie theater or just on dvd?

  • Ryan J Barsanti