Make CANDY SUSHI With Swedish Fish, Fluff, and Other Sweets!!

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CHECK THIS OUT, at Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe in New York City, you can learn how to make CANDY SUSHI!!!!


Candy Sushi 1

Lee Manne, the owner of the candy shop, holds candy sushi-making classes every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 2 PM. She recently shared tips on how to make all kind of candy sushi, including NIGIRI.

Candy Sushi 4

To make it, you’ll need to mold Rice Krispies treats, and use Marshmallow Fluff as glue to apply the Swedish fish. Then you’ll wrap them in Fruit by the Foot!!


Candy Sushi

Using similar ingredients, you can make CANDY MAKI:

Candy Sushi 5


Candy Sushi 3

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Candy SUshi

Candy Sushi Candy SUSHI

Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 195 Bleecker Street (between 6th Ave & MacDougal St) in New York City.

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  1. Helen Gircko

    Oh, how lovely! Now go crazy with greed and become blind to the color ! Thank you !

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