There’s a SPAM Food Truck and It’s ON TOUR!!! #SPAMCAN

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Did you know that there is a SPAM food truck and it’s traveling the United States on the SPAMERICAN TOUR??!! I just learned of it and couldn’t wait to tell you!!


Not only is it bringing SPAM dishes to a bunch of American cities, it is also traveling cross country to celebrate creative makers, innovators and doers!!!

For instance, this custom SPAM instrument was made by Jim Wehrmacher of Colorado!

Catch @pertnearsandstone at the @toyotagplb stage at 10:30am for some #SPAM instrument thrash bluegrass! #SPAMCAN

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Watch this video about the tour:

LOOK at some of the MENU ITEMS the SPAM truck offers!!! Like, SPAM FRIES!!!


Is it coming to YOUR TOWN?!!!


It is?!! GREAT!!! Take some PHOTOS!!!

Oh, it’s NOT!!?? Well, maybe you can pick up some SPAM online and make your own meat treats!?!!!


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  1. laura valentina

    Horray for Spam! One of my favorite meats. And this blog makes it delicious! Spam the most yumi-est with eggs at breakfast and vegetables at dinner. Thank you Pee-wee you’ve made my day a great one with this blog!

  2. Amber Meihls Greer

    My nickname has been Spam since i can remember.. given to me by my Uncle. My name is Amber.. some call me Am… But a select few call me Spam.. lol

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