I’m in New York City! Filming Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Lucky New York! The sun is shining so bright, because you are there, Pee-wee ?!

  • kim gecik

    My husband works on the GWB and is a huge fan of yours!

  • Maria

    OH how I wish I was in NY City.

  • Ed LaBonté


  • MelMac

    I am so excited for this movie!! Long live P.W.!!!

  • Leslie Wilson

    Oh boy! Can’t wait!

  • ChazzyD

    I am so excited for this! You are my hero Pee-wee!!!

  • James Barrett

    Look out for Large Marge! There’s talk of strange folk in NYC!

  • Josh Harriman

    Hey, Pee-Wee! I’m first!

  • Lisa Mccall

    Yeah!! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Luke Elmer

    Pee Wee!!!! Hit a comedy club or something, we wanna lay eyes on ya!

  • Dustin Block

    “I don’t make monkeys I just train em haha” probably one of the best lines in all of film!

  • Karen Fikar

    Can we come and take you to lunch while you are filming?

  • Dee Snutz

    Can I take you to the movies while you’re here?

  • No please if he has a son in the movie it should be Johnny Weir now this man looks just like you Paul

  • Marina Reznik

    Pee-wee – you are the living legend!

  • I made this for you

  • Chris Anderson

    Oh god please no, that shows cancer. Mike Judge did it right with Silicon valley…

    All the characters are beyond annoying in Big Bang, show makes my brain sad. Nothing like Peewee….

    Just my 2 cents…no offense but that would be a terrible movie decision.

  • Michael Hunt

    I think I was eating my lunch to your left! Sorry I missed you.

  • Michael Furst


  • It’s a beautiful day here. I wish I could hag out with you!

  • laura valentina

    Fantastic Pee-wee!

  • “I’ll get you Pee-wee Herman!”

  • kiyoshi

    i agree

  • Dave Igneczi


  • Lauren VonVesterfield

    one I’ve used over the years ” I don’t have to see the movie, I lived it”

  • Bobby Humberston

    Good for you Paul! Now get your ass back to Sarasota where you belong 🙂

  • JoeDokes999

    What do you mean “probably”?