• Tron Roper


  • Helen Gircko

    Oh my God! The Statue of Liberty has gone from a pedestal to stand beside you … Or is your pedestal so high , Pee-wee …

  • laura valentina

    Pee-wee this blog is absolutely amazing and beautiful as you are a beautiful soul!

  • David Shehane

    Pee-Wee/Jambi 2016!!!

  • Ameen Makanvand

    If you look up liberty in the dictionary you see your photo. Also are you still everyones favorite boy???

  • laura valentina

    Pee-wee I dedicate this song to you.

  • Neil Moore

    Ha! It’s the Statue of Lee-berty!

  • Bleu

    Two of my favorite things collide. Pee Wee and New York City!