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It’s TEE TIME!! Why?? Because the second Saturday of May is NATIONAL MINIATURE GOLF DAY!!!!

LOOK: http://www.pinterest.com/bomg/mini-golf-through-history/
LOOK: https://www.flickr.com/groups/vintageminigolf/
LOOK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniature_golf

Cyndi Lauper and Pee-wee Herman mini golf

In Alameda, California, there is a San Francisco Bay Area-themed INDOOR putt-putt course called Subpar Miniature Golf!!! This is the putt-putt version of San Francisco’s famous crooked road, Lombard Street!

Photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

And this is the much much smaller (and loop-de-looped) Golden Gate Bridge!!!

Photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

In Austin, Texas, there is a GREAT old school course called PETER PAN MINI GOLF!!! SINCE 1948!!!

Peter Pan Mini Golf Austin Texas

There is a blacklight KISS mini golf course!!! Where is it?? In LAS VEGAS, of course!!!

Paul boot

Putt-Putt brand of miniature golf started in 1954 by Don Clayton in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

putt putt world mag

In 1966, Putt Putt Golf Courses released an album called “Putt Putt Golf Courses of America presents Gee Gee Shinn and his Band.” The album contains sixteen songs. The album cover has two photographs showing the eight member band in the middle of a Putt Putt Golf course. In one photo, the band is joined by twelve young women with the hair stylings and clothes of the period.

Gee Gee



This is a Rube Goldberg machine-inspired mini golf hole!! It’s at Lilliputt mini golf course in Grand Lake, Colorado!!!


Golf_Swing_Animation pcj2

FIND a miniature golf place near you!!!! FORE!!!!!!!!!

  • laura valentina

    Wonderful blog Pee-wee in tribute to an awesome sport golf!

  • Obsidia

    Peewee…here’s the oldest minature gold course in the U.S…..I’ve been there; it’s great!:
    “In operation since 1924, this 18-hole course is claimed to be the oldest
    operating miniature golf course in the US. There is a link to an old post card
    on this page (http://www.agilitynut.com/minigolf/oh.html) which shows the course from many
    years ago. The inclined hole seen in the current picture next to the Allison
    Family sign can be seen in the vintage post card. The course is landscaped and
    offers a break from the traffic on the street.”