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For the food and music site Rice and Bread MagazineChef John Hurkes has paired HEAVY METAL albums with PIZZA!!


This is his latest, the BLACK SABBATH PIZZA: English banger sausage, smoked mozzarella, squid ink béchamel sauce, purple basil leaf, sweet lavender honey, and an authentic Mapledurham Watermill crust.

He pairs it with Black Sabbath’s albums: Black Sabbath and Master of Reality  

Slayer Heavy Metal Pizza

This is the SLAYER PIZZA: Chopped Fra Mani toscano, soppressata, finocchiona, Cypress Grove “Lamb Chopper” cheese, house marinara, signature communion wafer crust, and an altar wine gastrique.

He pairs it with Slayer’s Reign in Blood album.

Heavy metal satan pizza


Pizza Converse Twisted Sister in Big Adventure

via Dangerous Minds, photos by Chef John Hurkes

  • This is so badass! I love it!

  • laura valentina

    Pee-wee this is my favorite blog as its about 2 things I love Pizza and metal they go hand and hand indeed! Awesome blog!