Art-Filled Box Trucks Will Caravan Across the U.S. This August!!

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Teams of artists from both coasts are embarking on a cross-country mobile art tour this summer!! They might be coming to your community!!

Everyhere Logistics

For the past few years, artists have been creating cool experiences in the back of box trucks for what’s known as The Lost Horizon Night Market.

Here’s what happens: artists create interactive experiences in the back of ordinary box trucks, and then, on one night, all the different themed trucks show up at a secret location. People who want to check out the market are alerted of its location, usually by text. Then, the fun begins! 

The trucks all have themed experiences inside. There’s a Noodle Truck (the original truck), a Smash Truck (where you smash things with a sledgehammer!), a Kindergarten Truck (“Engage your inner child through the magic of play”), and other COOL ONES!!


This is the BIRTHDAY TRUCK. People waited in line to attend a birthday party, complete with singing, balloons, cake, and party games (Duck, Duck, Goose!, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey!, and Limbo!).

Birthday-Truck by Rusty Blazenhoff

This is the SECRET NOODLE TRUCK, which serves delicious NOODLE SOUP:

This is the Everyhere Logistics Travel Agency Truck. It’s described as “an interactive theater experience set in a high-pressure sales office trading in travel tips.”

Everyhere Travel Agency

This is a HUMAN PINBALL truck!! Two people wear helmets and act as the game’s bumpers!! LASER-Y!!

Human Pinball photo by Rusty Blazenhoff


Lines to get inside the trucks can be LONG and, because of that, the “real” party often happens in the LINE ITSELF!

Lost Horizon Night Market by Rusty Blazenhoff

Now, the Lost Horizon Night Market is going on the road with Everyhere Logistics!!

During the month of August 2015, twelve teams of artists – six starting from New York and six starting from San Francisco – will travel to a new city each weekend to attend the local Lost Horizon Night Markets – an open-source creative platform wherein artists create interactive experiences inside box trucks and showcase them in late night guerilla pop-up exhibitions.

They haven’t announced their destinations or routes yet, but these ART TRUCKS COULD BE COMING TO YOUR TOWN!!!

via Rusty’s Electric Dreams, photos by Rusty Blazenhoff and Everyhere Logistics

  • laura valentina

    Beautiful blog Pee-wee!

  • digitaljami

    This is awesome! I love LHNM!

  • Kat Green

    My husband and I made the Birthday Truck with our friends Touch and Cheryl! I’m glad you like it! We had a confetti canon inside, too.

  • Vicious

    Cool, but blatant Banksy rip off…

  • banksy

    Hey Vicious, before you call someone a “ripoff”, maybe you should do some homework. Banksy Waterfall: 2013, Lost Horizon Night Market: 2009.

  • Sandra Bruso

    Come to a tiny town called Royalston,Ma

  • Sandra Bruso

    I love pee wee herman, he is the best.

  • 消失的地平線

    Dang! You got schooled! You were even given homework, Vicious! Vicious!

  • EricHunting

    Have run into photos of exhibits like these randomly on the net but never realized they might be part of a long-running group project. May be some possible convergence with the coming Meow Wolf complex in Santa Fe as they are based in an old bowling alley and have a large parking lot. And if it coincided with the Zozobra event that would be truly amazing.

    Having a great interest in adaptive reuse, hackbases, and the emergent neo-nomadic culture, I find this idea of self-mobile more-or-less spontaneous exhibitions very compelling. We’ve seen exhibitions based on ISO shipping containers in the past, but that idea is limited by the need for heavy lift equipment to move them around. And tents, of course, are a little bit too light. It’s interesting to see that, not only do these light trucks work well for this, you can make installations temporary and quick enough that the trucks can even be short-term rentals. I’ve been working on the concept of a nomadic eco-village/hackbase as a way to explore a future Outquisition narrative and this work gives me hope that such a thing really is possible to do. No more speculation, I’ll just point to LHNM as a textbook example! There’s a lot of interesting work lately with ‘stealth trailers’; small cargo trailers that have been converted into hidden RVs or ‘bug out’ trailers. ( ) The interesting thing is not only how much you can do with such small spaces but also the surprising contrast between the very mundane exterior and that veritable pocket universe you can now create inside–and all a DIY project.

  • laura valentina

    Dear Pee-wee your blog inspired me to create a Tribute to you!! Thank you for a beautiful inspiration as this art blog you wrote. As a visually impaired abstract artist I did this painting with vivid black light paint. The 2nd painting is a 3-D of you and the other painting is blue jay in winter because of your love for birds. Enjoy!

  • nicknormal

    “You got schooled!” El Oh El!!