It’s International Hamburger Day!!

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May 28th is International Hamburger Day!!!

Here’s a burger sticker made by StudioJFISH in Portland, Oregon!

BURGER sticker

Try this! Everyburger is chocolate-flavored cheeseburger-shaped snacks from Japan!

EveryBurger Candy

Make cookies that look like little, tiny cheeseburgers!

Hamburger grill cookies


Heart-shaped hamburgers!!


Heartshaped hamburgers

LOOK: A cheeseburger bicycle bell!

Cheeseburger bike Bell

Janine Basil has made clip-on BURGER BOWS!!

Burger Bow for shoes

Don’t forget your CHEESEBURGER SOCKS!!

Cheeseburger socks

Hamburger Harry Sperl, The Hamburger Harley & The Hamburger Museum! Hamburger-y!!!



Hamburger Harley
  • Helen Gircko

    Wow! I looked at those pictures and already stuffed like. At least all the signs of apparent visual gluttony. However, merci!

  • I am not sure if this is true Paul but don’t you own the chain Fat Reubens Burger’s? I read this and if its true that’s awesome!