10 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts Picked Out by me, Pee-wee Herman

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Father’s Day is coming up real fast. It happens Sunday, June 21st this year!

So, I’ve picked out 10 AWESOME Father’s Day gift ideas!


1. Extreme Chores!

Prank Pack Extreme Chores video game

Dads LOVE help with chores! No, really, they do!!*


2. A BBQ Briefcase!

BBq briefcase

Because sometimes dads should work more on grilling food than working in an office! Amirite?


3. A Pinata Custom Made To Look Like Dad!

Pinata that looks like dad by Meaghan Kennedy

Make Father’s Day SMASHING with a pinata by Meaghan Kennedy, a real pinata artist !!

She can make it look like the dad in your life!

This pinata might be too cool to hit, but if you want to, you’ll want to get a…


4. Lightsaber Pinata Stick!

Lightsaber pinata stick

Or, instead, get two of these lightsaber sticks, to play Star Wars with your father!



5. A Circular Saw Pizza Wheel!

This looks like a tiny circular saw, but it’s really…

Pizza Boss circular saw pizza cutter wheel

it’s a pizza cutting wheel designed to make Dad feel like a GIANT carpenter when he cuts pizza!

Pizza Boss circular saw pizza cutting wheel

Speaking of PIZZA, you’ll need…


6. Matchy-matchy Father/Kid PIZZA SLICE T-shirts!

PIzza Matching tees

Once you get those pizza-y shirts, you’ll also need to get matching…


7. Matchy-Matchy Father/Child Raccoon Masks!

Raccoon mask

Really completes the look, doesn’t it? It could be fun to rummage through the trash for hidden treasure as a masked URBAN VERMIN TEAM!

PLUS, almost every dad I know thinks raccoon masks are cool!


8. A Giant Gummy Bear on a STICK!

Giant Gummy Bear on a stick

I KNOW! Giant. Gummy. Bears. On. Sticks. In. 11. Different. Flavors.


9. A Bobblehead of Me, Pee-wee Herman!

Peewee Herman bobblehead

This BOBBLEHEAD is of me dancin’ in my BIG SHOES!

It includes INSTRUCTIONS TO DO THE BIG SHOE DANCE –which DAD will LOVE– and a life-sized cardboard Pee-wee BOW TIE dad can cut out and wear!

So life-like… and yet, so plastic! Bobble, bobble… I’m getting sea-sick!

This brings me to something REALLY GOOD…


10. The Official Pee-wee Herman Fun Book!

I’m not gonna marry it, but I love my ‘Fun Book’!

Pee-wee Herman Fun Book

It’s worth it for just the spinner game secretly tucked in the back cover! For just the amazing tattoos. Or the pop-up Pee-wee’s Playhouse. And all the photos. The Magic Screen page alone is a ‘pay any price’ type of once-in-a-lifetime thing. 


Hurry, don’t wait until the last minute to order a gift for the dad in your life!

Don’t see something here for dad? Check out my Father’s Day Gift-giving Guide! It has a lot more cool picks!

Again: Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st, 2015!


(p.s. Get the FUN BOOK! It is REALLY COOL! Honest!)

*No joke, go help your father with the chores.