It’s CORN on the COB Day!!

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June 11th is CORN ON THE COB DAY!!

You can CELEBRATE in so many ways!!

LOOK! Make toy animal corn on the cob holders!!

toy animal corn on the cob

Make Candy corn on the cob with candy corn and cookie dough!!

Candy corn on the cob

Dress up like corn on the cob!!

Corn on the cob costume


Wear a realistic corn on the cob shirt!

Corn on the cob shirt

Don’t forget your feet!! Wear these awesome corn on the cob socks!!

Corn on the cob socks

Paint your fingernails to look like corn on the cob!!

Corn on the cob nail art

Oh, don’t forget to EAT corn on the cob today!! 

But NOT like this guy:

aenewmancorn comedian-ed-wynn-clowning-as-the-king-bubbles-eating-corn-on-the-cob-with-a-typewriter-mechanism Charlie Chaplin eating corn on the cob
  • laura valentina

    Delicious blog Paul!! I’m originally from Miami Florida but reside in port Richey Florida and one of the things that still with me is eating something sweet like I just had now strawberries & chocolate and then it’s a Miami tradition to eat something salty such as corn when you add butter and salt it’s salty!! Thank you for posting this blog!! Speaking of salty I’m eating salty caramel chocolate!! I’m on a chocolate fiesta!! It’s a woman thing!! Have a fantastic day!