Smile! It’s Smile Power Day!!

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June 15th is SMILE POWER DAY!!!

Feel the power. Give everyone you see a big, friendly, “I like you” smile. You never know, you’re warm smile just might turn someone’s day right around…for the good!

Love may make the world go round. But, a smile makes the world a happy place. A smile is a powerful thing. Best of all, it’s contagious. However, we do note that in order to be effective, a smile must be sincere. People can see right through phony or forced smiles.

Spend the whole day with a big, bright smile on your face. Flash a toothy smile to everyone you encounter.


Make smiley face pancakes!!


Or make LOTS of smiley face pancakes with a special smiley face pancake pan!!

smiley face pancake pan

Or make smiley face pizza!

Smiley face pizza

LOOK: A smiley face spatula!!

smiley face spatula

AND a smiley face pool float!!

smiley face pool raft

Smiley face magic mugs!!

Smiley face magic mug

If you do nothing else today, SMILE!!!!!!!!


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  1. laura valentina

    Wonderful blog as always Paul!! I believe a smile can make a total strangers day a happier one a smile brings hope to those who are sad and brings them joy and that is making a difference in their life even if you don’t ever cross paths again your smile will always be remembered never forgotten!! This picture is me I’m smiling because I love the color of my hair Fuschia!! I bought the Fuschia hair dye at Hot-Topic (2009) the next is a NEO-GOTHIQUE self portrait I did it’s the latest on my Art and will be in my next Artshow the proceeds of my art sold go as a donation to my school southeastern guide dogs where I obtained my guide dog Rolf it’s for their puppy program where they are trained to become future guide dogs and companions it’s my way of saying thank you giving back to my school paying it forward! I’ve now donated a few more of my paintings of my art to my school to sell in next years their silent auction at 4 walkathons. Have a beautiful day Paul!!

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