BEHOLD! A Colorful Wall of Cereal Boxes!!

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Cereal aficionado Gabe Fonseca loves cereal SO MUCH* that he took over 150 empty cereal boxes to create a giant CEREAL BOX WALL in his home!


[larger view]

To make it, he taped strong little magnets inside of each of the boxes…


And then placed them on a wall of sheet metal pieces he had attached to the wall…

arranging cereal on the wall

VOILA!! Some of these cereal boxes are pretty rare!


(I spy with my little eye…a Mr. T cereal box!!)

Want to make one of these walls in your place? You’re going to need some of THESE!!

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*no really, in addition to this cool Cereal Wall, he’s got a YouTube series about breakfast cereal called “Cereal Time“!

  • laura valentina

    This is amazingly beautiful Paul!! Love it!

  • regularg0nz0

    Wow… It’s disturbing how, as I scan across these photos, the boxes trigger deeply implanted commercial jingles from the 80’s in my head. How many thousands of times did I hear the Donutz cereal commercial that more than 30 years later I can hear it in my head more clearly than if I were watching it on You-Tube… Hmm… wonder if it’s on You-Tube…

  • Gabe Fonseca

    Wow! As a life-long fan, I just wanted to say thank you for posting about my wall, Paul. I feel honored!

  • Amazing☺

  • dizzie1

    I pity the fool! Eat my cereal!!

  • Johnny

    Where’s the Mr.T ceral box?