Sushi Suitcase Covers!!

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LOOK at THESE!! Things are getting fishy in baggage claim!!

In Japan, people often cover their suitcases to protect them AND they love sushi. SOOO, Parco department stores have made SUSHI SUITCASE COVERS available!!

These are last year’s designs:

Sushi Luggage covers 2014

They have just made three new versions available: octopus, roe, and mackerel!!

The roe (ikura) is probably the most colorful (complete with cucumber), though the octopus (tako) and mackeral (saba) designs are also really striking.

Three sushi suitcase covers

The best part, when several pieces of luggage are covered in these Sushi Suitcase Covers and go around the baggage carousel, it looks like sushi going around on a real conveyor belt at a restaurant!


traveling bag cover


sushi go round

All three of the new styles are available at Japan Trend Shop:!!

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  1. Helen Gircko

    Three times I bow my knees before the Japanese artists. Now, it is unclear which is better – the size of a suitcase as sushi or sushi as the size of a suitcase. In any case, it will be as beautiful as these cases.

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