TGIF!! 3D-Printed T. Rex Skull Shower Head!!

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For your Jurassic bathroom!! Colorful 3D-printed T. rex skull shower heads!!

T rex skull shower head

Each one will fit on any standard 1/2″ shower head pipe.

T rex skull shower head

CAREFUL! Their teeth are actually really sharp!!

T rex skull shower head

These cool T. rex shower heads are available in 13 different colors at PixelandPrint’s Etsy shop:


  • Helen Gircko

    Wow! T. Rex managed to tame ?! From monsters is always a benefit! TGIF !!

  • laura valentina

    Wonderful blog Paul!

  • laura valentina

    Hi Paul I saw this and wanted to share!! From my school Its national kissing day (your best four legged friend)

  • Brooke Elizabeth Hundley

    I want one! So cool!