TGIF!! It’s Beautician’s Day!!

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TGIF!! June 26th is Beautician’s Day!! It’s a day to celebrate the people who make you look and feel beautiful! Say thank you to them today!!

Miss Yvonne\

Miss Yvonne, the Most Beautiful Woman in Puppet Land

Remember though…beauticians are not magicians!!



  • Helen Gircko

    OK! Thanks to my beautician, makeup artist, expert on false eyelashes and old-fashioned tie, as well as a plastic surgeon …. And special thanks to Miss Yvonne – she always makes me think of what terrible force has a beauty!

  • laura valentina

    Absolutely beautiful day and blog Paul!! I am sharing this with you I know your sister Abby is very proud as am I regarding this!!

    I share my thoughts:
    This is amazingly beautiful that in this lifetime that this dream was fought hard for and now is a reality! As I believe as humans we deserve the right to marry anyone! To me marriage isnt gender etc marriage is about you and the person you Love! AMEN!