It’s Waffle Iron Day!!!

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Hey!! June 29 each year is WAFFLE IRON DAY!!

This waffle was made with a special waffle iron, one that is shaped like a KEYBOARD!!

keyboard waffle iron

Yes, waffle irons are GREAT for making, you know, WAFFLES, but they also are great for making other things too…


Grilled cheese sandwiches!

Grilled cheese sandwich made in a waffle iron

Macaroni and cheese waffles!!

Grilled mac and cheese waffle iron

Refrigerator cinnamon roll waffles!!


I saved the best for last — PIZZA WAFFLES!

Here’s something neat! It’s a poster print of the original waffle iron patent.

The waffle iron was invented by J. B. Harker and C. L. Wilkens. They were granted the patent for it on May 8, 1883 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

blueprint of a waffle iron

This waffle iron makes HEART-SHAPED WAFFLES!

heart shaped waffle iron maker

Bread-N-Butter waffles? YES, PLEASE, and THANK YOU!

bread and butter waffles


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