Nutty!! Cool Paintings on Peanuts!!

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Ever notice how peanuts are shaped in unusual ways? Artist Steve Casino did! He imagines what the shapes of ordinary peanuts could be and transforms them into extraordinary painted pieces!

Like this: Abraham Lincoln made from a peanut!!

LINCOLN-peanut-art-2-by-Steve-Casino LINCOLN-peanut-art-by-Steve-Casino

LOOK!! A brain, a banana, a dachshund, and more, all from an ordinary peanut!


Fun fact: Peanuts are really nuts, they’re legumes! Or, in this peanut’s case, it’s a little tiny hot dog!

chicago-style-hot-dog-on-a-poppyseed-peanut-roll peanut-art-by-Steve-Casino peanut-art-mouth

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Peanut sushi, anyone?!

Peanut sushi art by Steve Casino

I saved the best one for last! It’s me, Pee-wee Herman, painted on a shelled peanut!

Pee-wee Herman art peanut by Steve Casino

Want a peanut with your portrait on it? Steve does commissions!

  • guest54321

    you always brighten our days.

  • JerseyGirl

    They are sooooo adorable, Pee-Wee!!! LOVE the peanut with your face on it – so cute!! Love ’em all!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Helen Gircko

    I happened to see some works of Steve before: very inventively and funny. I hope, the artist possesses a large supply of nuts…. (Your image is charming, Pee-wee. The soul is filled with a peanut!)

  • laura valentina

    Very beautiful and nutty blog Paul!! I love this one!

  • Mary

    How can I get a Pee Wee peanut doll???

  • I love these