• Helen Gircko

    Menu for today: the iconic ice cream soup , hot ice cream , coffee with ice cream and ice cream itself … and pickles for dessert when ice cream seem too much

  • D’Aun Boliver

    I also left this on twitter….I know its National Ice Cream Day… its also my Birthday! I’m gonna eat all the ice cream I want…because there are NO calories on National Ice Cream Day!! In fact there are no calories on my Birthday either…so I should end up losing weight by eating ice cream today!! YUM!!

  • laura valentina

    Very Yumi blog Paul! Love it!!

  • TheBeth206

    That’s one of my favorite episodes!

  • Christina Tiedemann

    So is there some where you can get in free in Portland Oregon

  • Jasmine

    Just don’t let Randy get too close. He’ll ruin it!