• laura valentina

    Thank you Paul for this blog as I know a lot of Leo’s in my life and one very special Leo my brother who passed away from diabetes at 30 years old on October 30 1994 when I was 15 I saw him go in front of my eyes and from then on it taught me that life’s just too short to not be happy. I know he’s smiling upon me in heaven and I feel his presence with me as all else who I love and cherish who have passed away in heaven. Have a beautiful day Paul!

  • Sabrina Philpott

    Happy early birthday fellow Leos!! Mine is on 8/8! 😀

  • Sabrina Philpott

    And P.S.- I love you Pee-Wee!! Been a fan since the 80s!! And passing down your awesomeness to my lil girl. She loves your Play House episodes! 🙂

  • Helen Gircko

    Thank you very much , sir !!! I wish to all colleagues on zodiac sign of successful hunting!!!