It’s National Tequila Day!

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July 24th is National Tequila Day!!!

I didn’t know this: It can only be called tequila if it’s produced in the town of  Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.



Big Adventure biker bar

The Tequila Dance from my movie, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure!! 

There’s a bobblehead doll of me dancing to “Tequila”!! Includes INSTRUCTIONS TO DO THE BIG SHOE DANCE yourself– and life-sized cardboard Pee-wee BOW TIE you can cut out and wear!


Peewee-Bobblehead Harvesting agave for Tequila

Harvesting agave plants for tequila!!

Mariano Martinez inventor of the frozen margarita machine

Mariano Martinez, the inventor of the Frozen Margarita Machine:


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