Lunch ROCKS With This Guitar Case Lunch Box!!

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This lunch box ROCKS!!

For kids of all ages…a metal lunch box that looks like a guitar case!!

guitar rock lunch

How cool is this?!


It comes with a set of food-related stickers to decorate it!! Neat!!


The Guitar Case Lunch Box is available to pre-order at Foodiggity.

p.s. Don’t forget your amp!

  • Helen Gircko

    A little music for Breakfast or a small Breakfast for musicians. Yeah! To open the box -and products sing… or play…. Obviously therefore, the need amplifier: good to hear a new Aria for the sandwich.

  • buttfinget54321

    love it and the amp!

  • laura valentina

    Absolutely Paul! Lunch does rock and this blog rocks as well!! Love it! Have a beautiful day. ?

  • Gyula Leon

    Whoever packed the lunchbox in that photo is a fucking moron.