It’s National Dog Day!!!

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Woof Woof!!!

August 26th is National Dog Day!!!

Why not give your mutt some pedigree with a ROYAL PET PORTRAIT by artist Sonya Palencia of Lord Truffles!!!??

royal pet portrait Royal dog portrait royal pet portraits royal dog portrait

Sonya Palencia’s Royal Pet Portraits have been featured in Vanity Fair’s “Fifteen Luxurious Gifts for the Pet Lover”, and was even chosen to honor George Clooney’s beloved dog “Einstein”!

Commissioned Royal Pet Portraits are skillfully painted in oil paint on wood panels.

Order one for your special pooch today!!

  • Helen Gircko

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh ! Again, great moments of art … Congratulations to all dogs , whose owners will decide on a luxury gift for pets. I congratulate the owners of dogs as well! ( And personally, I can not even look at it – this idea has obvious signs of genius ! Thank you for the wonderful spectacle , Pee-wee!)

  • laura valentina

    What a dog-on beautiful tribute To the most admiral creature the dog!!!! This is wonderful! Reminds me of my amazing Labordor guide dog Rolf, he’s not only my eyes, he’s my heart and soul and I’m blessed and honored he’s in my life as we are a Team! Have a beautiful day Paul!

  • laura valentina

    Dear Paul,

    Loved your blog! National dog day!

    This is My Tribute in honor of National Dog day! This is a tribute to my 2 guide dogs Yager I obtained from my school SEGD May 2007 and retired her Feb 2015 to her wonderful family bronwen David Thompson. My 2nd Guide dog Rolf I obtained from SEGD in Feb 2015 and I feel blessed to have these wonderful creatures in my life they aren’t only my eyes they are my heart and soul! Here’s a few videos of me and yager and me and Rolf. Enjoy!!

    Me and Yager

    Me and Rolf