Have a Far-Out 50th Anniversary, Lava Lamps!!

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2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Lava Lite, the company behind the Lava Lamps!! Since 1965, these liquid-motion mood lights have been making everything so much groovier!

Including my Playhouse, LOOK! It’s got TWO…

Playhouse-with-Lava-Lamps Lava Lamp timeline

“Lava. Its everchanging patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form. Classic and at the same time progressive. Pre-historic and post-modern.”

I’d say! Just LOOK at this 1960s ad for them:


And this one from the 1970s…Check out the spell-binding Mediterranean one!

Lava-Lamp-shapes-1970s Temperature-for-lava-lamps

images via Lava Lite

I guess someone likes Lava Lamps!


image via oozinggoo.com

Watch an hour’s worth of hypnotic, melting lava lamp-y goodness in 4K:

Far out!

For its 50th anniversary, Lava Lite created giant Lava Lamps that are over two-feet tall!  If I were you, I’d buy one right now: http://amzn.to/1Ms6mTe!!


Halloween is coming! Be one with the Lava Lamp:


Happy 50th anniversary, Lava Lite!