The Portable Pizza Pouch, Wear a REAL Pizza Slice Like a Necklace!!

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Show your love for PIZZA by holding a whole slice close to your heart with the Portable Pizza Pouch!

Put the pizza in, zip it up, and place the lanyard proudly around your neck…just like you do with a conference badge…!! Except THIS badge is full of delicious!


via First we Feast

This cheese-y invention is available to buy at Stupidiotic Products for $8.


5 Responses to “The Portable Pizza Pouch, Wear a REAL Pizza Slice Like a Necklace!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Man decorate virtues and pizza. (pizza even more). Yes, it is good – close to the heart and warms the soul …. or chest.

  2. laura valentina

    Wowzers! Paul this is a delectable pizza jewelry blog! Love it!! I’m sure it will attract lots of those who love pizza those who are wearing the necklace will attract all sorts of conversations started with So how’d you get that pizza wrapped around you like that?? Where can I buy a slice? And what’s it taste like pepperoni or cheese or just plain extra cheese with lots and lots of Yumi meat?? Me personally I love all tastes of every pizza flavor. Have a fantastic day!! ?

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