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TGIF!! Here’s a BICYCLE that PLAYS VINYL RECORDS on its WHEELS!! It’s called “Feats per minute.”


It’s a project from a few years back by Dutch designers Liat Azulay, Merel Slootheer, Pieter Frank de Jong, Vincent Beijersbergen, and Jeffry Sol.

What if you would be able to generate music by the simple act of riding your bike? Feats per minute is a bike – and – record – player – combined – vehicle that enables you to produce music while cycling trough the city. A 30 year old bike was completely modified. Spokes where replaced by platters, wheels were turned into decks. Two vertical tonearms and one amplifier were added. The possibility for record changing was created by altering the regular fork into a lefty. To keep Feats per minute as low-tech as possible the only extra energy comes from a 9 volt battery needed to support the amplifier.

This is its speaker…!

Speaker feats-per-minute-bicycle

WATCH THIS to SEE/HEAR it in action:

Just don’t let Francis find out about it!

  • MandyJack

    It’s a very confusing video.

  • Helen Gircko

    A successful connection of two great inventions – the bicycle and vinyl. Black – it is also nice …. and the dynamics of charm – a cross between the exhaust pipe and the telescope. Beauty, which sounds and moves, yes! Magically!
    P.S. Do not be afraid, Francis does not know! We will admire the silence.

  • laura valentina

    Very powerful and beautiful blog Paul! I love listening to music as it brings me much happiness! I’m listening to my music at this very moment. Have a great day! ? I share with you my music, of happiness

  • Gary Nelson

    Needs a regulator so it plays at 33 no mater what speed you pedal. That would Rock!

  • bowwow rapha

    Record breaking/making bike!!

  • oaklandeasy

    So have there been any new versions in the last 3 years?

  • Kevin Lux

    Did you know you were doing 78 in a 45 rpm zone? I’m going to have to place you under arrest.

  • This is going to be incredible when it is finished☺ Looks like all they need to figure out is the speed of the pedal. Thanks for sharing their progress☺

  • Kerry Maxwell

    I was thinking it would work better without pitched tones, i.e. percussion and drums. Then it would sound more like a drum solo than a seasick singer.