LOOK, I’m Riding on my GIANT ROOMBA!!

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Did you know I LOVE those robot vacuum cleaners aka ROOMBAS?! I really do, no lie!

Have you seen my custom-made over-sized RIDING Roomba!!?? LOOK, here it is!

Pee-wee Herman's Roomba

I pulled this footage out of my personal archives just to show you! This is me, a few years back, spinning around on Conan O’ Brien’s stage on my GIANT ROOMBA!

Pee-wee on a Roomba



I found some other cool Roomba stuff too…

Like this long-exposure time-lapse image photographer Chris Bartle made of his Roomba’s cleaning path!!


And this Roomba that was hacked to act like a Spirograph toy!


LOOK, cute COSTUMES for your ROOMBA!!

Roombud Ladybug

They are called myRoomBuds and they were invented by kids!


Speaking of costumes, remember this video of a cat in a shark costume chasing a duck while riding a Roomba?

Well, look at this, now it’s a Halloween costume! 


Brandie Knight

It’s not too late to make your own Roomba costume, either for yourself or for your ROOMBA!

  • Look at you riding all around how adorable you are! Happy Sweetest Day!

  • laura valentina

    I love you & your Giant Roomba Mr.Paul!! The video footage of you spinning on conans stage is beautiful and makes me dizzy with lots of Giggles! ? Have a very very Roomba Day! ?

  • Helen Gircko

    Yes, it was a brilliant and stunning departure. (I mean the show). I would venture to suggest that you carefully develop a cat instikt, Pee-wee…
    The meaning of publishing – to convince readers to never use vacuum cleaner for its intended purpose. Okay! Above that is worth considering, thank you!