‘Picasso of Pumpkin Carving’ Ray Villafane’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden!!

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Until October 31st, the town of Carefree, Arizona is hosting the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden, a one-of-a-kind event conceived by master pumpkin carver Ray Villafane! The Wall Street Journal calls him the “Picasso of pumpkin carving.”


Here is Ray with a couple of his amazing personality-filled carved creations…!!

Ray-Villafane-and-pumpkin Ray-Villafane-and-Yoda-pumpkin

This is a carved Hubbard, a giant blue winter squash, lounging in a hammock!!


He and his team of professional sculptors have made all kinds of awesome things for the event!!


above images via Enchanted Pumpkin Garden


Some of the cacti displays Paolo Acuna and I sculpted. They house the tanks beautifully and blend in perfectly with the desert environment. Who said pumpkin carvings don’t last long in the Arizona? They apparently have never seen one of our pickled pumpkin carvings.

image via Ray Villafane

The Enchanted Pumpkin Garden is a FREE event that spans over 4 acres. Be sure to check it out in person if you can!

  • laura valentina

    Pumpkin-Tastique Blog Paul!! Only a few more days til Halloween! It’s literally right around the corner. Very lovely Art by the Artist who did this wonderful tribute to pumpkins and the beautiful season of Autumn, my favorite season above all seasons love it 4-Ever!! ?

  • Helen Gircko

    About Picasso, I would argue. The manner of execution and grotesque forms is closer to the grotesque sculpture European Gothic(especially wood). Perhaps meaning the original work or the opening of a new genre …. Well, let Picasso, because it is just fine …. Ray Villafañe – Creator with a capital letter.
    Sorry for the tediousness, Pee-wee, of course, is absolutely magical post. I almost fell in love with pickled pumpkin in Arizona!

  • Dr What

    To say someone is a Picasso in their art is simply saying they are really good. Isn’t it amazing how you have to spell out something so simple for the Block Headed!