• Joe Conlon

    These are awesome. Where can I buy them?

  • Helen Gircko

    Very cute and creative! I think these accessories should be used on the mass ski races. Brutal is a spectacle!
    A real animals also want to ski … and make yourself a human mask. So the balance of biocenosis continue.

  • laura valentina

    Wonderful blog as always Paul!! Love these RAWRing cuddling animals! No but seriously they’re amazing my love to the Artist who designed these!! Also, I’d like to take this moment to wish all Marines Happy Birthday as today’s their special day of evolvement! One very special Marine in my life My Dad, Edward L. Beyer Jr. Served from 1973-81. Your the Best Dad, and your discipline of being the best taught me to not give up to keep going forth in life always accomplish your goals and be Proud of who you are with Pride! SEMPER FI

  • darla

    what are they made out of?

  • Elizabeth

    Love love love. I want a few

  • Io

    Wish there was a wabbit one!

  • Amy Beth Wellman

    How can I purchase them?

  • Crimson King

    I want a lynx but I’d rather have a bull terrier.

  • Janis Cline

    The link to buy them is in Paul’s post….in red..”super fun balaclavas”. You will need to translate the page from Russian to English though.