Guy Filmed His Whole Vegas Trip With a GoPro Facing the WRONG WAY!!

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This is a GEM!!


So, Evan Griffin gave his dad, Joseph P. Griffin, a GoPro camera to take on his trip to Las Vegas (from his homeland of Ireland). A cool thing to do, except Joseph filmed his ENTIRE vacation with the video camera turned in the wrong direction! (Though, after seeing the resulting video, I think it’s 100% the RIGHT direction!)

Watch some of the unintentionally hilarious footage he accidentally captured!! The video is called, “Irishman in Vegas.”

Evan reports on YouTube that the GoPro Hero camera is “no longer with us,” as his dad  “took it swimming without the waterproof case on.”

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  • laura valentina

    Oh Dear!! Well Paul just be glad it wasn’t you that this occurred to LOL.. Wish you a beautiful ZEN day as its Sunday.

  • Guest54321

    Gripping! Thanks, PeeWee!

  • Candy T

    Oh my!!! Ignorance is bliss!!!! I am certain he was happier not knowing the truth of this situation. Poor guy!

  • Helen Gircko

    Spontaneous masterpiece …. You’re absolutely right, Pee-wee, it was exactly the right direction.