Don’t Be Fooled: This ISN’T a Thanksgiving Turkey!!

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I know this LOOKS like an ordinary Thanksgiving turkey…but IT’S NOT!


via Geyser of Awesome

It’s a CAKE by Yolanda of “How to Cake It”!! LOOK:


The recipe to make this “Vanilla Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Cake with Sweet Poundcake Stuffing” can be found HERE.


    Haha that’s cute, Pee-Wee.

  • Helen Gircko

    Wow! Cake amazing pretends turkey! Absolutely brilliant idea. I love edible and visual trompe l’oeil, thank you, Pee-wee!

  • laura valentina

    Even though the turkey isn’t real Mr Paul one can only imagine that it is! Just dont sink your teeth into it though thinking its tastes like turkey when it tastes like a Yumi vanilla cake! You can have your dinner and cake and eat them too! . Yikes! I love the video. Have a delectable cake kind of day Paul!! ? Thank you for inspiring me as this is making me want to chomp on my most favorite chocolate, Mint chocolate that is, how about a mint chocolate turkey cake for thanksgiving?? Now that’s something I well adore.

  • ✨morenitachula✨

    Lmao! thanks for sharing luv u Paul! xoxo my Pee-wee have had the longest crush on you!