LOOK! A ‘Pee-wee Herman Christmas Tree’!!!!

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LOOK at this Christmas tree made by a fan of mine, Angela Walsh!!! It’s so creative, isn’t it?!! 

Pee-wee Christmas Tree 2

She says, “Thought I’d go a little untraditional this year..Behold, Oh Christmas Pee!! Pretty sure I will never be able to top this masterpiece…complete with homemade bowties and Mr. Herman himself sitting proudly at the top! And my Super Awesome Pee-wee Cut out my uncle made was the perfect finishing touch!
Special thanks to Anne Walsh for the help with the bow ties and the print outs!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Xox”

Pee-wee Christmas Tree Pee-wee Christmas Tree 3

Wanna make your OWN “Pee-wee Herman Christmas tree”????!!!

Start right HERE with THESE ORNAMENTS!!

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  • Shayla Lennox

    I’m so glad you noticed it! I hoping you would see it! it’s so creative and she deserves recognition! You go angela!

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh yeah! I’ve seen it … the main and best Christmas tree this year. Creative, stylish …. and it reconciled me with the need to decorate the Christmas tree ….

  • Angela Walsh

    Thank you SOOOOO Much PeeWee for Showing my Tree! You have just made my Dreams come True!! SO SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT! xoxoxoxoxox Love you PeeWee!! I’m freaking out over here!!

    If you wanna see more silliness that I make featuring you go check out my instagram Page too!

  • amandachen

    Pee-wee and more Pee-wees sitting in a tree

    First comes love,

    then comes marriage,

    then comes a baby Pee-wee

    in a baby carriage.

  • Angela Walsh

    Thanks So Much!!

  • laura valentina

    Paul my hats off to the lovely artist Angela who made this beautiful creation that is the Pee-wee Christmas tree!!! Love it! Have a great day Mr Paul ?

  • Angela Walsh

    Thank You sooo soo much!!

  • Angela Walsh

    Thank you soo soo much!! I’m so Thrilled that He actually took the time to Post it and show it to everyone!

  • Angela Walsh

    One can only Wish hehehe

  • Angela Walsh

    Just wanted to say THANKS again so much Pee-Wee Herman for Posting and Liking my Tree, It was an absolute Pleasure to make and you have made my Dreams come true! You will always have a special place in my heart and I’m looking forward to seeing what you got in store for us in the future!! Thanks Again you have truly made this Christmas one I will NEVER forget!! xoxox

  • laura valentina

    Your very very welcome Miss Angela! Keep up your beautiful amazing journey of Art! Love it!! ?

  • Candy T

    This is such a beautiful tree covered in everything I want for Christmas 🙂