1. laura valentina

    Dear Paul,

    I take this moment & share with you

    My thoughts for today & everyday:

    Even though as Humans we get frustrated angry or just Fed up with the components of Life, remember this:

    Be Happy & greatful you live in USA as we are Free and not under a dictator like other countries are, think about it would you really want to be told what to wear or how to live???

    Much like other countries that are 3rd world, that are scarce of things such as food and water, as Americans We are very fortunate to have these, so just remember that next time you complain about the chicken or steak wasn’t to your liking, as when you do that just think about the person eating a bowl of rice in another country because that’s all they have to eat.

    Weather… Ok so it rains and in other parts of this country it snows… You know damn well you can’t control the weather it’s just not possible I know some may just wish they had a magic wand and poof weather changes to your liking. I’m just thankful for even having air to breathe and sunlight that shines and yes even rain that washes out things and brings in the new details of this life & beyond…

    Lastly, one thought before you go off to dreamland.. Most important be thankful you are Alive. I know I am I’m very blessed & honored to have family and friends in my life and my love and guide dog Rolf my Rolfie!!
    Need I say more…

    -Laura Valentina

  2. John Farrar

    What…? This kid is awesome!! (He’s my former student, too…)

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