Someone Hid a VW Beetle in This Museum’s Insect Collection!!

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Someone at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has a great sense of humor! 

On the museum’s wall display for “A World of Beetles,” its curator has added a VW bug! 



via Endless Geyser of Awesome, photos by RiotheLibrarian and hailtothkngbby

A-World-of-Beetles-2 A-World-of-Beetles-3

The museum reportedly added the toy car to the display as a way to engage its visitor, starting in 2002!

  • docmartn

    Great post!

  • laura valentina

    This is by far a humorous blog entry!! Love it Mr Paul!! Have a beautiful day!! ???

  • Brian Kirk


  • Helen Gircko

    Brilliant! Correspondingly, at the Museum of toy cars, we run the risk of finding one or two the beetle?

  • Jeff Miletich

    In high school I cut out the castle from a White Castle french fry container & added to a classroom’s “Castles of England” wall display. It was up for awhile…

  • Thomas Murfield

    my first was a blue ’66 with a sunroof