• Candy T

    Wonderful article!

  • This is fantastic news Paul, loved the article! I’m very proud of you it’s exciting & amazing detail upon all delightful details in your life! Thank you for sharing this I’m very happy for you! ???

  • Helen Gircko

    Read the article again? Well, the more the better. This is an excellent article, I must say ..

  • Jami Kath Harrison

    This was such a great read. It sent me on a half-day trip down the Pee-Wee rabbit hole. Hours of articles and videos later…no regerts.

  • I think it is so wonderful that you are finally recognized for the mind-expansion and empowerment your Playhouse show enabled for an entire generation. I am a late boomer and watched every show with my daughter. We wouldn’t miss an episode, and had the joy of Saturday morning together with you and the amazing band of characters you brought us. Rock on, Paul. The karmic wheel has come around. Yay.
    Heh Heh!

  • Olivia Romero

    I love you, Pee Wee.