Me, Pee-wee Herman, ‘Shopped into Vintage Postcards!!!

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A. Pants has ‘shopped me, Pee-wee Herman, onto vintage postcards from “all over the America” to countdown to my new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!!


Disneyland Pee-wee Booty pee-wee Cheese head Pee-wee Pee-wee nun postcard Pee-wee Ranch Store Redwood Pee-wee South of the Border Pee-wee Tiki Pee-wee PeeWee_Aquasolaria Neverland Pee-wee

Aren’t they GREAT?!

She says:

“Gonna challenge myself to post 1 a day until the movie comes out on March 18. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am having fun making them.”

I can’t wait to see them ALL! Thanks, A. Pants!

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  • These are so FAB.

  • Candy T

    I seen these on IG really cool☺ Hope you and your family are well today. Keep your head up. Sending love.

  • Lisa Reis Sebring


  • eron

    those are perfect! nice job!

  • Wonderful Paul! ?? very beautiful

  • Scott Riddle

    made my day to see them

  • gabriel_a_pharmer

    Love the South of the Border one!

  • Don Duncan

    Uber cool!

  • kelleygirl

    Hahahaha these are awsome! They would make great collector’s items!

  • Helen Gircko

    Excellent! It looks like your image present on these postcards from the beginning. It is logical and stylish. And very cool that your wonderful new film inspires viewers before the premiere. Even before the premiere! This again underlines the absolute exclusivity of your creativity. By the way, I think your film will inspire many people to great deeds, not only in art but also in life. Honestly !

  • Abiatha Neo

    So clever – these look wonderful!

  • Jasmine

    I love the Peter Pan one. That’s my favourite Disney ride!

  • SilvrFox2u2

    I LOVE you in the one with little Richard!. hahahaha! great fun!

  • Jim McNally


  • Camille Towe

    These are genius! You must print them up and offer them as a collector’s set on your pee-wee store! I’ll take two please!

  • PJGraham

    Spot on!!