Me, Pee-wee Herman, ‘Shopped into Vintage Postcards!!!

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A. Pants has ‘shopped me, Pee-wee Herman, onto vintage postcards from “all over the America” to countdown to my new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!!


Disneyland Pee-wee Booty pee-wee Cheese head Pee-wee Pee-wee nun postcard Pee-wee Ranch Store Redwood Pee-wee South of the Border Pee-wee Tiki Pee-wee PeeWee_Aquasolaria Neverland Pee-wee

Aren’t they GREAT?!

She says:

“Gonna challenge myself to post 1 a day until the movie comes out on March 18. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am having fun making them.”

I can’t wait to see them ALL! Thanks, A. Pants!

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