Dachshund Ear Plugs!!!

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Hot dog!! Japanese designer Mao Yamamoto has created ear plugs that look like tiny little doxies!!


These squishy ear dachshunds are called d+ Mimi Pet and they come in all sorts of colors. 


dmimipet-6 dmimipet-21 dmimipet-4

Available to purchase at an online Japanese store for 1,296 yen (about $11)!

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kind of a big deal
  • Candy T


  • Paul this blog is dog on adorable! I’m going chocolate crazy this afternoon! ??

  • Helen Gircko

    Dachshund passes through the head. Exquisitely. If we forget about the practical benefits, the whole set looks like an incredibly graceful sculpture. Just put it on the shelf and admire. Thanks !!!

  • Helen Gircko

    By the way, this allows to innovatively interpret the plot of the story Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog” ….
    “He saw her on the beach. She wore ear plugs in the form of Dachshund. Love was born instantly … He wanted to buy the same ear plugs. He went to Japan. And since then, he lives in Tokyo. And Dachshund lives in his head. The end. “

  • Melissa Cooper

    Adorable! But not practical for sleeping in a bed. 🙁