This Magnificent Machine Makes Music with MARBLES!!

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This is the Wintergarten Marble Machine.


It uses 2000 metal marbles to make music!

2000 marbles

It’s INCREDIBLE. You HAVE to watch it in action:

via Neatorama, reddit

In the video, that’s Martin Molin of the Swedish band Wintergatan cranking this cool music machine. He created this amazing marble-filled invention (it took over a year!) and plans to automate it so it can act as an extra musician in the band. 


Has he LOST his MARBLES?! 😉

  • Maybe he has lost his marbles Paul ? But you know we all lose our minds or go out of them sometimes in our lifetime. This blog is marble-ous! ???

  • Helen Gircko

    Brilliant both in form and in content !!! Hit of the week! The inventor worthy of the crown! Other suggestions I have.
    Many thanks. I admire! No, I feel that I fall in love with the design. Unconditionally. I’m ready to get married on this machine, oh! (Impressive number of MARBLES)
    Cool, cool, cool!
    P.S. Ha ha – the last replica.

  • Scott Riddle

    Wow, good share, that’s is just beautiful in form and function

  • Virginia

    I’m amazed!